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About the importance of breathing

It is easy to know what is going through someone’s mind if you pay attention to the way they breathe: a fast respiration usually means that one feels agitated: for whatever reason. Your respiration is the bridge that connects your body to your mind. There are 8 steps in Yoga to achieve Moskha, the liberation, which is the final goal: 1. Yamas: is your behavior towards others. 2. Niyamas: is your behavior towards yourself 3. Asana, which is the posture of meditation. The goal of the many postures of Yoga is to be able to hold a sitting position during a long meditation, without feeling uncomfortable, 4. Pranayama: the way you breathe. It means “control of your respiration”. 5. Pratyahara: which is the effort to draw your attention inwards, instead of outwards: look at yourself and feel your body 6. Dharana is the conscious effort to not give into distractions, either of the senses or of the mind 7. Dhyana means to be able to stay focused, to be able to hold your meditation for long periods 8. Samadhi, the final step: the Moksha, the liberation, to transcend and merge with God. It has been described as a state of ecstasy. This steps must be achieved in order, one first, and then the other, one by one. Pranayama, is the middle step: the one that connects the ones related to the body to the ones related to the mind.