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Focus your mind during the practice

Don’t let your mind wander during your practice. When you are in your mat, doing an asana, avoid the thoughts of anything else. Keep your head in the game. Drishti comes in handy to keep yourself from wandering in your own mind about problems in work or what will be in the dinner plate. The Drishti is a focal point: it is where you should look at. There are 9 drishits and every posture uses a different one: -Angusthamadhye: the thumb -Bhrumadhye: the third eye: between the eyebrows. It is not recommended to maintain it for long periods and may cause dizziness to new students. -Nasagre: to the tip of the nose -Hastagrahe: to the tip of the hand, usually the tip of the middle finger. -Parshva: to the side -Urdhva: upward. -Nabhicakre: the navel. -Padayoragre: to the toes. The aim of Yoga is the union of body and mind, so to listen to your body is a priority, and one cannot do that while facing distractions of the mind.