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How to leave the pain behind

Pain is something inescapable in life, whether it is from the body or from the mind, everyone will experience it at different levels, at some point of their lives. How is it possible then to be happy and content? The attitude towards the pain is what brings suffering. Like an itch, if you pay too much attention to it and scratch it, it will itch more. The attachment is what brings suffering and makes it a burden. Therefore, people who manage to maintain a detached attitude, knowing that they can lose everything they have, and understanding that they truly own nothing, are the happiest. Pain cannot be avoided; it will come surely at some point, as a disease, as a broken heart, as a failure: it has many shapes and forms. Neither can it be ran from, because it will catch up, eventually. The only thing that can be done is meditate and practice detachment. This is the only road to happiness and liberation.