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The effects of the moon

It is well known that the moon affects the oceans. During New Moon and Full Moon the tides of the sea change because the gravity of the moon has an effect on water. But the oceans are not the only ones who suffer under the moon: we are under its spell too! It is well known that most accidents occur during full moon: that’s because we get empowered by it and we strive for more than we are able to take. For example, a yogi stretches more than usual during his practice and gets hurts. For this reason, in the Ashtanga Vinyasa System students don’t practice during Full Moon or New Moon: to avoid injuries. It is important to remember that yogis practice Asanas to prepare their bodies for long hours meditating sitting on the same posture, without discomfort that distracts them. Therefore, if you get hurt, it defies the whole purpose, because the pain will keep your mind wandering.