El Rescate de la Plebeya 1

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Sun Ba, un lacayo de su alteza Real Gao Qi, persigue a las chicas comunes rescatadas por Hunui, un monje del templo Shaolin.

Apa international presents: "The legend of Shaolin"

Starring Anthony Wong as Gao Qi Introducing: Bao Guo'an as Abott

Wang Gang as King Qi

Pang Chanjian as Judge Zuo

Wang Kuirong as Gao Ya And You Yong as Yu Chiyou

(music) "The legend of Shaolin"

Today we present: "The rescue of the commoner"

second part

(Screams) Nobody comes out

And why doesn't he want to leave? What thing?

What are you talking about?

Go away!

You must not meddle

If not

you will die

I don't want problems! Go now or it will be too late

If you release them

the soldiers are going to catch them

and it will have no end

I have to do it

Take off! Go away!

Never! Not!

(Fighting sounds)

I will not leave!

(Fighting sounds)

Go away!

Who you are?

What are you doing here? tell me!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha! (sounds) Hahaha Hears!

The Abbot doesn't care

He can no longer take care of you

Because he is not capable! He can not do it

Haha haha ??haha ??haha You're thirsty?

Do you want liquor? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Then I

I'm going to give you liquor



You must understand

don't ruin everything

How silly! The emperor is already an old man

They can't have fun with it anymore

They would be better

if they wanted to be my women

Step aside

or you will pay! (Fighting sounds)

(Screams) Hears

They will not die because of your plans


I want to save more people

Take off or you will regret it! Understand it!

If you don't go

Sun Ba is going to kill us all

(Music) What are you going to do? Hears! Monk!

What are you going to do? Stop!

Abbot! Hui Kong !

Hui Nu

you have suffered


You must resist

I'm going to save you


Here, have something



You can't give him water! Why can't I if he is my disciple? Listen to this

If you were at risk, I would treat you the same as him

(fighting sounds) Already! Run! Aha, yeah, good! (sounds)

Hurry, don't stop, get out fast! Listen, don't be afraid, I came to save you

That don't stop, go ahead

So keep running, don't stop

Make no noise around here


Quick follow

Shhh! silence




I do not know who you are

but now

you must go

You must not follow me

Tell me why

you stole the scroll

Give it back to me

and I won't follow you

I will give it to you

when you use it

You shouldn't have gotten in! They are my business! Long!

Ha !

Ahhh haaa! (music) Chiyou

today you will be my wife

Heh although you do not like it

(sounds) Stay away!

If you do

I will murder you

Aaahh! Really? I want you to do it


Here, here do it! Hahaha hahaha ahaha! Chiyou

I was not expecting

that Chu's sister if

would have grown, huh? Haha haha ??hahaha Hahaha Come this way, follow me! Hurry up, don't stop! I will untie you

My name is Mr


I am very young, your best option is to marry a man That is reliable, do not you think? Just like me! Here! (astonishment and screams)

Shaolin, Shaolin, help us! (sounds) What's the matter ladies? I can not anymore

run more!



Follow that with them! Let's see, come, I'll help you

Run Run!


Until you arrived, they are badly injured


if they keep running

they will be safe

(crying) I can't run anymore, my foot hurts a lot

Hey monk, let's

divide them

Half will be yours

and the other half will be mine And then you will go on

with your secular life

You are a disgrace!

You take them !

I'm going for the girl

Agh !

Follow me girls! Let's go!

Noo! (Screams) Wretch, let me go, let me! Sun Ba! Nooo! (sounds)

We have to go!

(sounds) (Screams) Want to die? It's fine by me, come closer! (sounds of flight) Quick!

Keep going! Run, hurry, come !

(sounds) Faster Faster!

Look for them! Don't let anyone escape! Jia !

Ha! (music) Stay here! Tall!

(Screams) Come on! Here we go!

(Screams) Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahaha! They can't escape anymore, right? Hahaha hahaha! Monk help us! Help us for Buddha! Come here! Scream no more! He is now a ghost! Hahahahahahaha! What can we do?

Run! Go away! (sounds) Stop! Hahaha hahaha! (choking sounds)

They must not escape! This happens

if they want to leave

Take them away! Ha! Jua! Ha! (fighting sounds) There's another one, take her away! Do not worry

I will go with you

Jaaae! Leave it to me! (sounds) Hahaha! Hears! You dream of being a concubine, right? Hahaha! come closer, I want to see you

Wow! You are beautiful! Hahaha! Listens

If you really want to see the emperor

you're going to have to offer me a bribe

What could I offer you? Jaaa egh! I would like to see how you would please the emperor

You dare?

Hahaha! And why wouldn't it? Come get me if you want

Hahaha hahaha hahaha! Agh! (sounds) I'll kill you!

(sounds) (sounds) Sir!

Lao Gi died


Is dead? (sounds) Guards !

Guards! (whispering) Help me


Give me your hand

Help me

Thank you

What are you doing?

Did you want to see me dead? What don't you like? And the girls? Don't even mention it, they got them! I thought you were dead, I called you but you never came! And I couldn't save them alone

Let's go from here


Wait for me!

You don't want to meet the soldiers

Let's go!

Wait for me!


Let's rescue Hui Nu! Stop, stop! Abott! Rescue Hui Nu

He is dying

If they act impulsively

they won't rescue you and even you could be killed

What do we do now?

We can not

sit and watch their torture


we can no longer tolerate it

But Abbot

tolerance is limited

Abbot but we have to save him! Hui Ren

Hui Yuan

they have to come with me

(music) Now

you should go now

It is the farewell


I could go?

I can fix the rooms

And cook

And I also know how to sew

I can do

everything you need in your temple

I will do anything


They don't allow women

Better find your family

If there are problems

you can go to the temple


I no longer have

Ahh! Quiet!


Leave it to me, okay? Leave it to you? Than?

I am a very young man and I am single

Hey! These days, you have to marry a man who is trustworthy, someone like me

You talk just stupid

No, you are jealous You are a monk and you cannot get married



Say no more

Listen to me

there is a cave nearby

And you can stay there

I'll talk to the Abbot

Come on You are so complicated! "Room of the Abbot"

Hui Ren

I'm going to give you this letter

Take the King of Luoyang

It's in the prefecture



You must return immediately

when you have the answer


Hui Yuan

Hey yeah Abbot

Take care of others

You must prevent them from acting impulsively

Ah? If they did there would be a fight and blood

Even a disaster in our Shaolin temple

We have to tolerate and allow time

When we have the answer

the problem could


Resolve in peace

But we have to wait a while

We must be very patient


if they will act before? Close your eyes!

I understand Abbot


make sure

that nobody sees it

- Yes, yes Abbot

- Yes, yes Abbot




I wrote the letter


Nothing will stop it from happening

what now has to happen


Do I help you

I'm leaving



Come! You can stay here

Thank you

Calm friend

Do you want me to stay? Aish! Hehehe! (sounds)

Tall! Fat monk

where were you? I went for water

Ah, really? (sounds) Now tell me where were you? Or I'll kill you! Speaks! Tell the truth!

You're very stubborn!

The truth! Speaks! Speaks!


Come on! Tell the truth!

Oh! What a fool you are! Where were you?! Answer!


What a fool you are! (Sounds) Gentlemen, what happened to you? Shameless! if you hit us


they didn't deserve it

if you think it's fair

hit me now gentlemen


(sound) Leave it to me! (sound) Lords their swords


- This will cost you !

- Don't make fun of it, you'll see! -Let's go!

-Let's go!

Holy Buddha


Yes I am tolerant heh heh heh !

Where will you go?

Ah? Okay


Could I go to the temple with you? (music)

"Shaolin temple"

Old monk! Listens!

We are going to murder your disciple

And I'm going to set the temple on fire

It is the hour of your death

(sounds) Sun Ba !

You are a bastard !

You will regret

Hey old man! Salt

or I'm going to murder everyone here! (sounds)

Abbot !

Abbot !

Abbot !

(sounds) - Hui Kong go get the medicine

- Yes !

- Take him inside

- Yes Abbot

Hui Yuan


they are going to light a bonfire, they want to assassinate Hui Nu

What else did you see? Besides seeing Hui Nu outside, I saw a corpse

Whose corpse? Abbot

The one I saw was not Hui Shi's body

He was the head of some soldiers

that are causing problems

You will die Begin to cry

If that comforts you

Ah? Abbot! Just a moment!

What has it come out for? Sir

excuse me

life to my disciple

And why would I forgive him? He killed

to a great friend of mine


you wait for your death

I think there must be a misunderstanding here

You're going to be able to kill him

when we find out the whole truth

But I did see him myself when he was causing trouble in the barracks

And with you

I will not argue



can stop me

But don't murder anyone anymore

Uhm! I get it

come here!

Abbot !

Abbot !

Do not do it!


Abbot! Do not come!

Sun Ba is lying! (music)

Keep your word

I always do it


(music) Tell him

whatever you want to tell him

Abbot! I dragged him to this

Hui Nu


Ahhh! Abbot !

Watch out!

Let it go!

(Screams) I can walk alone

(music) Abbot

(music) Hui Nu

our destiny is that we are together

(sounds) What's going on?

What's going on? Has something happened in the temple? Now

this is your destiny

They have to

thank me for this

(sounds) Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha (sounds) I'm already here!

(sounds) -Return to the temple! -Abbot, hurry !

(sounds) - No more fighting, return to the temple, quickly

- Hui Yuan let's go !


Listen monk

I beat

You will die (sounds) To the temple now! Let's go!

Close the doors!

Open the doors! I will make a cemetery

of that temple

(sounds) Why don't we better attack? More soldiers would arrive and

the royal court would find out and indict us on trumped-up charges

Saying that the Shaolin temple monks are rebellious

That is a monstrous crime

Those who see the opportunity will surely attack it

They are going to try to destroy the temple

All the monks in the temple would surely be killed

Even the townspeople could be punished for everything that happened

Holy Buddha

Help people

it only means reducing their misery

and value your life


but they will enter here

It is true!

We have to resist

Defend ourselves

But don't attack

Wait for Hui Ren to return from Luoyang! (sound)

Hey hey hey oh! Oooo hey! What happens? - Eee they are going to

- What thing? The soldiers will break the door Go inside, don't go out! Cover it up! He ordered me to enter

They will kill me! Oh! Why did I come here with this madman? (sounds)

Hey hey hey hey hey! Uhm? - Is there another door? - Why? I want to stay alive

I am not a monk and I would not like to be killed


Inside is safer


Is it safer here? You do not fool me!

My life is worthless

But I don't want to be murdered

I have not yet married

One second

I am out of here


Shoot the arrows! Ah! watch out!

(sound) Let's go!

Take cover! Bring attention!

None will live


we enter his temple

(sounds) Abbot

if we wait

our gates will yield to the soldiers

before Hui Ren returns

Hui Yuan

everyone must

stay here

If anyone tries to disobey

will be punished

Abbot !

Did you hear?

If Abbot


Hui Yuan

Hui Shi

Don't bother me before

open the second door

I'm going to read the scriptures

If anyone breaks the rules

they will be punished


If Abbot

(music) All in! (sound) Came back! And wait for them to kill us? The Abbot will solve it - They're already inside

- Enter the temple, hurry up, hurry up !

Kill them! Kill them! To them!

- We have to do something

- Nobody comes out

Hui Nu

obey !



they're just a bunch of cowards! I challenge you out! Hui Shi! Hui Shi! They will open the other door


to defend yourself! Already!

(sounds) Jua! Jua! Abbot! Abbot! Hui Ren returned

(sounds) Jua! -Sir! -Uhm? A monk is approaching

He's going to try to attack me

Bring it! Jia! (music) (sounds) There must be a lot of soldiers there

It is difficult for Hui Ren

But it has

a letter that could save our Shaolin temple

(sounds) Abbot

I'll go help him

If they have to help you

But you have to take care of yourself

Protect one side and attack the other

Try to get to where Hui Ren is

and get that letter back, when I have it

I will fix everything

Abbot !

I will go!

(sounds) Lord the monks came out to attack

The monk must have something

that surely can save them

We can't let it in

Kill him! They have to stop it

(sound) An arch!

(sounds) (scream of pain) (sounds) The Shaolin temple is truly great

Your Highness

we did not come to see

this massacre, oh yeah? To be continue


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